Best Things to do on Fire Island

Seeking the perfect weekend escape? Discover Fire Island. Fire Island is right off the coast of Long Island and offers a wide range of activities for individuals and families alike. Here are the best things to do on Fire Island:

Sailors' Haven is often called The Jewel in the Crown of Fire Island. This area of Fire Island contains a wide beach, a boat marina, and the famous Sunken Forest. The Sunken Forest is a unique natural occurrence where the trees of the area do not grow any taller than the natural landscaping surrounding them. When you're not exploring this one-of-a-kind nature reserve, you can hop on your private boat or shop at the convenience store that sells snacks and gifts.

Have a meal at SandCastle on The Ocean in the Cherry Grove area of Fire Island. This casual oceanfront restaurant has an innovative menu with classic favorites and unique cuisine alike. SandCastle is known for its fresh, locally sourced seafood. Additionally, the stylish and airy design of the restaurant is perfect for catching a bite to eat before spending a lazy Sunday on the beach or catching the sunset.

The Fire Island Lighthouse is a must-see attraction on the island. It is among the most well-known landmarks on Fire Island and is located with the Fire Island National Seashore adjacent to the Robert Moses State Park. This lighthouse was built all the way back in 1826 but was replaced by a larger structure in 1858. It was used as a navigation beacon until 1874 when it was replaced by a flash tube on top of the Robert Moses water tower. This lighthouse is 168 feet tall with 192 steps to the top. The Fire Island Lighthouse has been preserved and is part of the National Register of Historic Places.

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