Plan Your Summer Vacation Today...on a Boatel!

As The Go-Go’s once sang, “Vacation, all I ever wanted, Vacation, I gotta get away.” As the holiday season is currently throwing its arms around us, we’re eagerly looking forward to it coming to an end and having the normal level of stress instead of the holiday-infused turmoil that accompanies this time of year. This is why it’s never too early to start planning the ideal summer getaway. While you might be thinking that it’s far too early in the year to be considering summer plans, just remember that seasonal changes throughout the year tend to be here before you know it. And the last thing you want is to be caught upstream without a paddle. (Or a plan, for that matter.)

Get a Boatel, You’ll Yell! (With Delight)

Forget about the typical summer plans this year. The past few years have been nothing but unpredictable and uncertain—take a vacation that breaks out of convention and throws normal by the wayside. Fire Island Boatel is now offering ten brand new renovated suites located on Fire Island in Kismet. Just because Mr. Rourke is absent, doesn’t mean you can’t have all your island fantasies come true.

Standard or Premium? The Choice is Yours

When it comes to the suite for you and your sweet, Fire Island offers a two-tiered level of accommodations. Our Standard Suites are located right on the waterfront, and yes, they’re a real contender. Amenities and space for up to four guests is offered, as is a breathtaking view of the great south bay. Your own private deck overlooking the water guarantees a romantic and timeless evening when the sun goes down.

For the experience of a lifetime, we offer the Premium Sunset Suite.

You’ll still be on the waterfront, but tucked away in the westernmost corner of the Fire Island Boatel. While our premium suites offer all the same comfort and amenities of our standard suites, you’ll be enjoying the sunset like never before with a 400 square foot private porch.

Never Skimping on the Extras

You won’t need to worry about packing to much when you come to Fire Island. You’ll have access to linens, utensils, WIFI, and all the trappings of your home, along with access to many of Fire Island’s restaurants, bars, and beaches. Just bring some clothes and a desire to get away from it all. 

Space is limited, and check ins are only available on Fridays and Mondays. It’s not too early to start planning the best vacation you’ve ever taken, so start today! Visit our website at for more details.